Ai Makita was born in 1985, in Chiba, Japan. Graduated from Tokyo University of Arts, M.F.A. in Art and Education in 2013. Makita is a Tokyo based visual artist who uses artificial objects such as machine, metallic objects and plastics as her motif. She has attempted to create organic images in her paintings by using inorganic motifs. Her main concern is to represent boundaries between artificial and natural, 2D and 3D in her work. She got an M.F.A. of Tokyo National University of the Arts in 2013, her painting was selected for a permanent collection at the Museum of Tokyo National University of the Arts. Recently, she participated in a residency program in New York, and during that period, was selected as an exhibitor at the Consulate General of Japan in New York, where her paintings were exhibited for two months.
Makita has received numerous awards, fellowships, and residency programs, including the Terrada Art Award(Tokyo), Taro Okamoto Award(Tokyo), POLA Art Foundation(Tokyo), ART CAKE (New York) and the Varda Artist in Residency(Sausalito).


1985Born in Chiba, Japan
2008Graduated from Tsukuba University, B.F.A. in Art and Design
2013Graduated from Tokyo University of Arts, M.F.A. in Art and Education


2020“Artifact” Mitsukoshi Nihombashi, Tokyo
2019Ai Makita exhibition “Forms” Chiba bank gallery, Tokyo
2018“Reflect on 10 years- Ai Makita” Karuizawa New Art Museum, Nagano
2017 “Works in New York” Spiral, Tokyo
“Moving” Gallery Inage, Chiba
“Gradation” Gallery Vask, Manila
2015“Behave As a Named Existence” Roentgenwerke AG, Tokyo
2013“13・17” Ai Kowada Gallery, Tokyo
“SIGNS OF LIFE” Isetan Shinjuku, Tokyo
2012“Jewels” Gallery Kunimatsu, Tokyo


2020 “This is now” ANA Inter Continental Tokyo, Tokyo
“Art Cake Online Group Presentation” Art Cake, New York
2019“Assorted Chocolates” ANA Inter Continental Tokyo, Tokyo
“Self-Portrait as Mirror-Mirror as Self-Portrait” Artinformal, Manila
2019“Assorted chocolates, ANA Inter Continental Tokyo, Tokyo
2018“Shuttlecock” ANA Inter Continental Tokyo, Tokyo
“Ignorance and Visualization” Pola Museum Annex, Tokyo
2017“Silos” ART3 Gallery, New York
“In Organic: Emerging Japanese Artist in New York” Residence of Japanese Ambassador, New York
2016“Chronicle,Chronicle!” Creative Center Osaka, Osaka
2015“Speak Soft, Listen Hard” Gallery Underground, Manila
“RAN-SHO KOH-JUTSU chapterⅥ” Gallery Ten, Kanazawa
“Sou-zou Kaigan INAGE” Gallery Inage, Chiba
“18th. Taro Okamoto Award” Okamoto Taro Museum, Kanagawa
2014“HYOH-BYOH KOH-JUTSU chapterⅤ”Spiral Garden, Tokyo
“Future Exhibition – Collaboration of art universities” Nichido Garo, Tokyo
“1st. Terrada Art Award” T-Art Gallery, Tokyo
2013“TOH-KAI KOH-JUTSU chapterⅣ” Spiral Garden, Tokyo
“Graduation Show” Museum of Tokyo National University of The Arts, Tokyo
2012“Art Award Next 2012” Tokyo Art Club, Tokyo
“C-DEPOT 2012 Tokyo-Yokohama” Red Brick Warehouse, Kanagawa
2011“Nine Colors” Seibu Shibuya, Tokyo


2019Taipei Dangdai, Taipei Nangang District, Taipei
2018Art Miami, One Herald Plaza, Miami
Art Fair TOKYO2018, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo
2017Art Taipei 2017, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei
2016Art Taipei 2016, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei
2015Infinity Japan Contemporary Art Show, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Taichu
2014Art Nagoya 2014, Westin Nagoya Hotel, Aichi
2013Art Fair TOKYO2013, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo
2012Art Fair TOKYO2012, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo
Art Taipei 2012, Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei
2011Art Kyoto 2011, Hotel Monterey Kyoto, Kyoto


2020Art Cake, New York
2019Shortlisted for Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam
Varda Artist in Residency, Sausalito
2018Varda Artist in Residency, Sausalito
2017Residency Unlimited, New York


2017Fellowship grant from Pola Art Foundation
2015Prize at the 18th. Taro Okamoto Award, Taro Okamoto Museum
Artistic Cultural Award in Chiba city, Chiba city foundation
2014Prize at the 1st. Terrada Art Award, Warehouse Terrada
2013Selected for Collection Prize at Graduation Show, Tokyo National University of The Arts


Museum of Tokyo National University of Arts
Takahashi Collections


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