Born in Nagano in 1978, he graduated from Tokyo Zokei University in 2004 with a degree in comparative art and completed a research course at the same university in 2005. His works are based on his own mental images and unconscious imaginary images, which he embodies by applying small and large scratches and rusts on the surface of metal sheets and industrial products. His focus on existence is not limited to painting, but also extends to sculpture and installation work. He won the Grand Prix at the SICF18 and VOCA 2019 exhibitions. In the following year, he held his first solo exhibition at the museum, "From the Mouth to the Arrival" (Koumi Museum of Art, Nagano). He has participated in "Sharing the Future" (Chiang Mai University, Thailand) and "Convective Scenery 2018" (Guangzhou 53 Art Museum, Guangzhou, China). He is active both nationally and internationally.


1978Born in Nagano, Japan
2004Tokyo University of Art and Design art department comparison forming graduation
2005Completion of research student of Tokyo zoukei University
Currently, based in Kanagawa, Japan


2021“10.93827160493827” Fomo, Taipei
2020“Sparrow-colored Supper” TUTAYA Bookstore Ginza6, Tokyo
“Back of The meat pie” Faro, Tokyo
“↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← →BA!” NEWoMan Shinjuku, Tokyo
“IN THROUGH THE MOUTH REACHING” Koumimachi Kougen Museum of Art , Nagano
2018“Square×Square” cohju contemporary art, Kyoto
“Cover up the koko” Spiral Aoyama, Tokyo


2021“The Vision of Shade” AURA +, Shanghai
2020“Joureny of Painting vol.5” MA2Gallery, Tokyo
“Japanesque!” Dai-ichi Life Group, Tokyo
Biennial Nakanozyou, Gunma
“VOCA” Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
“Convective Scenery 2018” 53museum, Chaina
2018“Shell Art Award” National Art Center, Tokyo
“SICF18 Winner Exhibition” /Spiral Aoyama, Tokyo
2016“Sharing the Future” Chiang Mai, Thailand
2014“Mount Fuji Biennial” Fuji, Shizuoka
2013“Arafudo Art Annual” Fukushima
“Matsushiro Alternative” IkedaMasuoArtMusiam, Nagano
2008“THE EAST and THE EAST” The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
“Busan International Environmental Art Festival 2008” Busan


2019Grand Prix VOCA, The Ueno Royal Museum
2017Grand Prix SICF18 Spiral  
2005Yamamoto Kanae Print Awards


2018“Seattle Art Fair” USA
“Volta 14” Basel, Switzerland
2017“Sydney Art Fair” Australia
2016“UNTITLD” Maiami, USA
“Art Stage Jakarta” Indonesia
“ArtFair London 2016” London
“Art Stage Singapore” Singapore
2015“Daegu art fair” Daegu, Korea


Koumi-machi Kougen Museum of Art
Dai-ichi Life Group
Ascott Hotel
Hotel Okura
The ParkHouse Hiroohazawa