Kengo Kito uses ready-made objects such as hula-hoops, parasols, and scarves to create large-scale installations that incorporate rotation and circulation, such as colorfulness, reflections of mirrors and lame, and motorized movement, as well as a variety of expressive methods such as sculpture, painting, and photography. They mix a contemporary artificial sense of color and luminosity with an expansiveness that evokes life forms and the universe.


2001Graduated from Nagoya University of Arts, Painting Department, Western Painting Course
2003M.F.A. in Oil Painting, Kyoto City University of Arts
2008 – 2009Stayed in New York with a grant from the Gotoh Memorial Foundation
2010Japan Agency for Cultural Affairs Overseas Study Program for Artists, Berlin, Germany
2015Based in Gunma, Japan.
Professor, Graduate School of Kyoto University of Arts

Solo Exhibition

2023“About the Line” Ginza Tsutaya GINZA ATRIUM (Tokyo, Japan)
2022“Lines Kengo Kito Exhibition” Kanagawa Arts Theatre (Kanagawa)
2021“big rip” rin art association (Takasaki, Gunma)

Group Exhibition

2022 – 2023“MASATO KOBAYASHI + KENGO KITO” MtK Contemporary Art, Kyoto
2022“N/World” MtK Contemporary Art, Kyoto
“Study:Osaka Kansai International Art Festival” Grand Front Osaka, Osaka


2008The 19th (2008) Gotoh Memorial Culture Award, Art Newcomer Award
2006The 19th (2008) Gotoh Memorial Culture Award, Art Newcomer Award
2003Kyoto City University of Arts Art Exhibition, Encouragement Prize, Kyoto, Japan