Miura creates two-dimensional works based on the main themes of "coincidence" and "artifice/randomness." By using random numbers and written instructions at the decision-making stage, such as composition and color scheme, he eliminates conscious artifice. By doing so, the artist's work is purely random, and the blurring and coincidence of the output of the body are allowed to emerge. Just as a mechanically-drawn work following instructions has its own unique expression, he finds contingency even in the most ordinary days, and continues to work to affirm the irregularity of events.


1997Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture
2021Completed Graduate School of Kyoto University of Arts, Major in Fine Arts, Arts and Crafts

Solo Exhibition

2023“Slow Work” foam contemporary, Tokyo
“up to you” biscuit gallery, Tokyo
2022“come and go” DMOARTS, Osaka

Group Exhibition

2023“grid2” biscuit gallery, Shibuya
2022“3331ART FAIR”, Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo
“Contemporary Chanoyu Style Exhibition-enishi Vol.12”, Seibu Shibuya, Tokyo


2021“WATOWA ART AWARD 2021” Takahiro Komatsu Prize
2020“Kyoto University of Art Graduate School Completion Exhibition 2020” Graduate School Prize
“Shell Art Award 2020” Selected Prize